Random Meme: memes that are random

Random Meme

Get memes that are 100% randomly picked by your computer! The memes are stored in an array (in /script.js) and loaded using the DOM Function “getElementById”. (Note: It requires Javascript!)

Project URL: https://random-meme.glitch.me/

I know it is not much, but still. I just wanted to share the wholesome memes with everyone.

This is something I did in a hour, to demonstrate arrays for a project I’m doing. I am not trying to maintain this as much, it is a “mini-project”.

You can submit memes here, but I may not add them because this is just a mini-project.

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Could you add a feature to add memes?

Or source from reddit?

It is a static webpage, but yes, I will add a feature to do that.

I’ll try that.

Do you have the docs for the API?

You don’t really need docs… if you know how to manipulate data with JSON all you need is there. Just send the request and choose a random element.

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Are you really advertising, in another projects gallery thread?

I could not scan through all of that JSON file at once. If it was smaller, then yeah, sure. That’s why I asked for documentation.

Just sharing another way it could be done… Your project is great, just reminded me of one of my old ones, and I wanted to share!

True about the JSON thing… There might be docs, though I’m sure there is some sort of API wrapper or another API that utilizes it.

I got the lab meme 4 times in a row.
Nice web app!

Your daily dose of glitch memes




credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sandisk_microSDXC_64GB_Ultra.jpg

Another great web app we get!!!

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raspberry pi: foom

This actually took me 2 hours can someone make a meme out of this

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Put the caption like “me browsing through nerf guns”

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linus sure is an idiot…

but that meme…

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Ok, aren’t we getting a bit off topic? If you want to submit anything, please PM @aboutDavid


Actually, I have a link on how to submit memes:

If you get the github student pack you can possibly get a very neat domain like

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