Remix a project for use

If I want to allow students to come into Glitch and Remix a project I would just do an Edit share link for that correct?

No. Press on the name of the project right click on the remix button and copy it.

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hi @Jeff - you can certainly send them the edit share link and, when they go to it, they can click the “Remix to Edit” button on the top right of the screen. You can also send them to the project page (for example is for my ghost app), and there’s a Remix button there as well.

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Thanks @jenn. So for the project page process - does the project have to be unlocked to do this? Because I have the projects all locked and I don;t want to open them to all. I assume then the only way would be the Edit URL?

Ah okay! So if the project is private, then you would have to send them a join link to become a member of the project to then remix - the join link is in the share menu within the editor.