[Resolved] Glitch is down! Glitch Outage


I was editing my project. Suddenly, it started reconnecting and never reload back.


We’re just looking into this at the moment. Sorry for the hassle.


No problem. As I see, it happens.


Same for me will not stop loading.


Do not worry, developers are looking into the issue. So sit tight and thanks for informing.


@Gareth will my bot go down if so can you let me know I need to load on a backup vps


Bots (even projects) went down. Developers are looking into it. So, do not worry. :wink:


You can subscribe to receive downtime alerts from Glitch with SMS / feed / e-mails whenever it happens,


I use SMS and it’s free ( for me ).

[Resolved] Glitch down?

The outage was resolved a little while ago. Things should be back to normal now.


@Gareth, theres a little more you have to cover about the outage. Its basically just a loading issue.


That’s not a platform issue, but one specific to your project. It can occur when there’s an error in your code or you don’t have a webserver listening on a port. It will continue to show the loading icon until that’s resolved. Check your logs for errors and if problems persist, we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.