Major Glitch Outage

Yet another Glitch outage affecting my workflow severely. @jenn

Hi there - we’re aware and looking into the issue. I’ll keep you all posted via Glitch Status - Issue with projects not loading

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Thanks for this. It’s been marked as resolved but as you can see projects have been going unresponsive every now and then ever since the major downtime stopped:

I’ve confirmed this through error logs of timeouts from my Glitch API.

Hey @roman (and everyone else) we resolved this issue prematurely and the project hosts were still having a bit more trouble than we wanted. I think things should be smoothing out a bit now, and we’re continuing to look into more persistent stability improvements.

Sorry for the bother and confusion!


Im not sure if this is related but at the same time python has degraded to an older version being 3.5

Hey @Jake1 yes this is related but unintentional. This is all part of the larger infrastructure improvements that will lead to us being able to keep the project container better up-to-date.

We’re obviously still working out the kinks. I’m really sorry about the bother, and we’ll get the newest Python we’re currently able to support back in the containers as soon as possible.


Can you guys deal with this? It’s been happening for 3+ days now and no incident posted on the status page or anything. Dropouts like this are not okay. @jenn

Hi there - I understand your frustration, these are effects from the platform work we’ve been addressing in posts like April Is Coming (and so are more platform changes). I’ll talk to the team about putting a long-term update so it’s persistently addressed.

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