Should Glitch shutdown until they can fix the outage?

OK, so I don’t mean to come off as super blunt or anything with this post. I’m really grateful to have this place. But, here was just an idea I had for Glitch and was wonder what you all thought. Please don’t flame me for posting this. Just speaking my mind here.

With all of the woes that Glitch has been going through this month, would anyone be against the idea of Glitch just going completely offline for a couple of days or whatever, until they can get a grasp of the issues that seems to be plaguing their platform?

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I really would not be against this idea at all, if it means a more secure and stable Glitch IMHO.

Just shut the whole thing down for whatever time that is needed, a few days, a few weeks, whatever the case may be. Until they’ve gotten everything under control.

Because, honestly, having the platform open and functioning at 50% or whatever it is, is really super frustrating not only for the existing Glitch user, but also for the new arrivals as well.

I realize this post might be greeted with some flamers who just want to flame anyone who posts something constructive about Glitch like this.

But, I’m not trying to sound negative, or be a debbie downer or whatever. Just thinking up some ideas to help Glitch get past these issues once and for all.

Again, I’m seriously grateful for this Glitch platform. We really cannot complain too much given that this is a FREE service.

I know Glitch is working very hard behind the scenes to get things operating back to normal again. And for that I thank them very much. Keep up the great work to everyone involved! Your efforts do not go unnoticed here. We appreciate you!

That is all. Carry on. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with this.

Hey @bb83,

Not a flamer, but what about paid users? Unless Glitch gives a refund, but that might be hard under the current circumstances.

A free month I suppose? It would really be worth it for Glitch.

I totally agree with this. I am only getting annoyed at people who are going mad at Glitch, but are adding no contribution, effort or value. You’ve given a really solid point here.
Obviously it’s up to Glitch and it may be less useful for identifying the issues in some ways, but if it is what Glitch needs, I’m up for it. Maybe only allow boosted apps online as there are much less. What would be useful is the ability for Glitch to stop all projects and make show something ‘This site is currently unavailable. Come back later. See for more info’ or something and maybe allow the user to customize this a bit (e.g. add their logo, social media, personal message) as a static HTML page which wouldn’t take up so many Glitch resources.
Just an idea.
P.S. Maybe this should be in #feature-ideas so people can vote on it


I’m also gonna edit the title to summarize the post a bit
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Awesome thanks! And I like the ideas you shared as well. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

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I’m not completely against this idea but if the outage is anything over a week I would be against this since over a week is just unacceptable to me (since I’m a paid user and shouldn’t have to wait for anything over a week for my projects to be online).


As I said, limiting to just paid/boosted projects online for the time-being until the problems can be fixed may be the best option. This would mean no refunds would have to be issued, etc. while also being able to fix the issues.


Oh this would be great then

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guys, really ,really glitch became tooooooo BUGGY this month

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Also Glitch should focus more on their paid users like maybe have a special “team” of people that help the paid users with their projects and other stuff. This would mean the paid users have like prioritized support and would really make buying the glitch boost thing worth it.

I don’t think so. People still use Glitch for just testing random fun web apps.

now they can’t. It’s a price to pay, a week or two for glitch to solve the issues, i think it will be easier to them with all calm

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All apps don’t need to be 24/7.

Hi there @Daniel,
If I remember correctly, there is a ‘Boosted Projects’ ticket category on Happyfox (you can choose a category - if you make a ticket via email, the Glitch support team will pick one for you when they get round to seeing your ticket) which may get you extra priority (Glitch have never confirmed this). If you seem to get a quicker response with that category, I would love to know :slight_smile:


that’s exactly what im paying for -_-