Thanks to the Glitch team ❤️

As evidenced by all their past communications, the team behind Glitch is full of wonderful and caring people. Their service is going through some troubles right now, and some people on this forum have lost their temper and said some rude things. The Glitch team cares, and although they’ve not done the best job of communicating ( does have daily notes, but there’s not much info), this doesn’t mean they aren’t working their butts off to try and get the system stable.

I run several large sites, including one that’s similar to Glitch (a platform where users create things using code, but not server-side) which has a few hundred thousand visitors per month, and when I have down-time due to bugs, it’s a very stressful experience for me, knowing that people are hitting error pages, or potentially losing their work. I have no doubt that the team is very stressed and working overtime trying to get this resolved.

Posting angry messages is not helping anyone here. A polite message asking the team for an update is fine (but you may not get a response because it’s likely that “all hands are on deck”), or asking for help with errors. Glitch is not a huge tech company, or anything close to it - they likely won’t ever have the up-time guarantees to match the big cloud providers, but what they do provide is an amazing free service that has introduced thousands of people to coding, and especially to the server-side. It’s awesome, and really blew my mind when I first found it.

If you want to actually help, buy a year of the paid plan! It’s incredibly cheap compared to cloud platforms like DigitalOcean (unless you for some reason need lots of disk space - I use an external MongoDB and Backblaze B2 for storing stuff, so it’s fine for me), and doing so will help Glitch to expand, become more stable, and take over the world with their friendly coding platform :smile:

(PS I would buy 20+ boosted apps if possible shut_up_and_take_my_money.gif)


Glitch is cool… but it’s almost as if something is wrong with Glitch at least once a day.
I mean literally right now, there’s been an incident… “Projects loading slowly or not loading at all.”.

Again, don’t get me wrong I literally can’t find another node.js supporting platform with auto saving and stuff…


I’ve been using Glitch for a couple of years now, and this is the first time anything this bad has happened. If you look at Glitch’s traffic on SimilarWeb, it’s growing fast (twice as many users as in February!) so it’s likely just growing pains.

But I’m not trying to downplay the severity of this incident. It’s really bad! But at a time like this, the Glitch team is likely struggling with very stressful all-nighters, and the last thing they need is angry forum posters claiming that the Glitch team is neglecting the platform (an absurd assumption that I’ve seen some people hold on this forum), or “threatening” to move their projects to another platform when they’re not even paying members of this one.

Again, this incident sucks (it has caused me many headaches and I’m at the “this is my life now” stage of dealing with hourly crashing projects), but the Glitch team is working really hard to solve it, so let’s just remember to be respectful, and thankful for their efforts :]


Yep… Agreed :smile:

I agree with this. I’ve used glitch since my beginnings of programming my Discord Bots in September 2018 and its a great place for creating cool apps. Although with these issues and troubles, in the end they all get fixed and everything is back to normal.

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Why pay 8-10$ on Glitch, if I can buy VDS for 3$ and everything will work fine (if you host bots)

While Glitch is great because of it’s service, I think the staff are really what make it nice. When I had to shut down Scripting To Save Lives, @tasha wrote the nicest letter.

Hi Trent,

I just closed the thread.

The team here at Glitch enjoyed watching you collaborate with others. I'm sorry your project did not gain as much traction as you hoped, sometimes that happens - even to us here at Glitch!

Nevertheless, we think you are a rad member of our community and we are happy to have you!

Looking forward to seeing what you build next!

Glitch Support

I also wanted to just add that being a small tech company is never easy, especially now. Here in the United States, even tech giants, like Apple are temporarily closing stores. Tech is such a crowded space and it can be difficult to stand out and make money. While this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t hold Glitch somewhat accountable for these outages, we shouldn’t just throw a fit when our app or bot is offline for a little while.


Yes. This service isn’t created for production, but instead tinkering, testing, etc. If you are using Glitch for what it is designed to be there for, these outages shouldn’t really affect you that much - it may be a little annoying, but nothing to the extent of what people seem to be having here.


I have used glitch for a good while now but I have had to move most of my stuff off glitch due to the amount of issues there is, the editor sometimes never loads and you have to wait for a hard restart on your project, sometimes dies and you cannot use it for pinging your project… sometimes you would have to reinstall all your packages because they somehow get removed. Although I love glitch, I do not see myself using it that much anymore, unless they improve project stability and overall site performance, I will be sticking to my own hosting.


You could have wrapped it in a blockquote, instead of code blocks, the red color makes me think of UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarnings. :rofl::joy::sweat_smile::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I’m pretty sure Glitch will be back like they were before the donwtime, don’t give up hope people. Some patience and everything will be fine in no time.

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yes, but is a free service. And some people can’t pay that

Another thing, in this image, it shows all my services status, the one with the arrow, is the only one on glitch and you can see the difference.

“we shouldn’t just throw a fit when our app or bot is offline for a little while.”

Okay so firstly, the reason we are “throwing a fit when our app or bot is offline” is because, it’s offline like once a day… and for a little while? usually hours. Recently, days.

Many people using Glitch are here for Discord Bots. So, here’s a scenario for you:
Someone from your servers DMs you “telling you that your Discord Bot is busy repeating the same message 10x more than it’s supposed to”. You know it’s an easy fix so you go to glitch and you’re about edit a few characters of your code but nope… Glitch just doesn’t want to load your code. So now you have a bot spamming your server… Not the best situation you want to be in with a server of over 10, 000 people. Oh and imagine the message the bot was spamming has @everyone in it as well…

The best thing you can do in this situation is mute/kick the Discord Bot or copy to another online IDE.

@TigerYT If you are writing a bot for a server with 10,000 users, you shouldn’t be using Glitch. As I have said many a time before, Glitch is not for production - testing, tinkering, etc. is what it’s for. :joy: Even boosted apps aren’t really for production, let alone that size!


My bot is on 2.7K servers and i use glitch. :thinking:


I never said people don’t - I said people shouldn’t :slight_smile:

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Nice that’s pretty dope

But why not :cry: it’s just so easy to host a bot on glitch