PSA about recent issues (from an avid glitch user)

Ive seen a lot of people here complaining about how “they banned pinging services” and “these outages are unacceptable” (i’m paraphrasing) but you all should remember GLITCH IS FREE and is a wonderful platform for free hosting, and compared to other platforms this is one of the best and easiest to use! So please I beg all of you chill out, the glitch team is doing their best to make this platform as accessible and outage free as possible, but they aren’t perfect, no team/platform is or can be.


Yes! This is the point multiple people have been trying to get across! Might want to add how people think they just want the money despite them having a #discord-help section to help people who are, most likely, using glitch for free and that I’m sure one time glitch recommended a pinging service before this (could be wrong)

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