Smart System (Editor/Interface)

A lot of the time, people have so many errors in there projects that cause there bot or website to not turn on. i was thinking of a wide-range system :desktop_computer:. that helps fix those errors! by pointing it out (i know we already have the red circle) but adding to the different options that could fix the issue you have had currently. but now afterwards its fixed. And sometimes the system could give random pop-ups of suggestions or warnings. as also sometimes it says there is an error. and sometimes it is hard to find where the error is. why dont you add a timed popup box that tells you where the errors are located and what you can do to fix them.
Anyway. i hope you take this suggestion into hand and have a good think about it :+1:

Hi @flashmaster303, thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been talking a lot about how we can help surface problems with Glitch projects in ways that make them easier to diagnose so while I can’t say yet exactly what we’ll come up with or when we might start being able to release anything to help with this, please stay tuned because we hope to make it better!