Team permission to edit a project

Is there any way to grant teams edit/admin access for a project?

I know you can individually ask to join a project, or invite individual members, but it would be very useful for us to be able to provide access to entire team instead.

Hi there - if you add the project to the team (you can do this from the team page), any member of that team should become a member of the project when they go to the project’s editor.

Thanks for the quick response Jenn.

I’ve tried opening a couple of projects that have been added to my team (of which I’m an admin) but when I start editing any of these projects I get the “Remix to edit” button (and can’t edit files).

We would like team members to be able to edit any team project.

Can you email and include:

  • the url of the team
  • your username
  • the projects you want to be able to edit

I’ll verify that the projects are part of the team and see why you’re not able to edit them. There could absolutely be a bug in the behavior there!

Thanks Jenn! Done.

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