Is Glitch project can be edited by anyone?

Hi, since a Glitch project is public does the source code of it visible and editable to public without requesting any access/permission to the owner?

HI @Bitwise_DEVS - the code is visible but editing can only be done by the owner and members they add to the project. Here’s our doc on how to invite others to edit:


Note: the code CAN indeed be edited by Glitch staff. I don’t know if it’s only in case a project is suspended, but I think they still have some kind of access to it.

Staff will only edit your code if we’re given consent or in the rare moment that it’s necessary to get a project unsuspended and running again - in that case we will edit the specific part of the code that is triggering our suspension tooling so that the project can go back online and not get suspended again before the user can update it. We will let the user know what/why/where we edited it so they can go back and make any changes they need.

For example, some users have been using Google Maps embed generators that, unknowingly to them, have malicious links in them that our tooling finds and triggers a suspension. When a user sends an appeal, we’ll remove that malicious link and tell the user what happened and where we edited it (those edits can also be seen in Rewind).

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