Thank You to everyone who helped make glitch

The following is a message thanking those who made glitch what it is today.

I’ve never imagined glitch to be this powerful of a tool. Glitch is one of a kind. Glitch is a place where anyone can create almost anything they want easily. When I first starting developing web apps I was limited to a single web app that couldn’t handle ajax very well. A few years later a friend of mine found Glitch. I didn’t really think much about Glitch, because my friend used it as an HTML editor which I’ve seen many times. I thought it was just another HTML editor. 6 months later I was proved wrong. I discovered that glitch could host python apps, and also nodejs apps. I began moving all my apps to glitch immediately noticing an amazing boost in stability and speed.

To this day, I still use glitch to host my web apps. I’ve found it to be far more limitless than other hosts like heroku. Setting up custom domains is easy and requires no credit card or anything like that.

Glitch lets developers create more apps in an easier way. If you want to make a multiplayer game or a cool website, you would need to either

  1. Buy a server from someplace
  2. Expose your computer to the internet and keep it running 24 hours
    But glitch eliminates the need for all of that extra stuff.

Programmers are limited by what tools they have. Glitch is a very powerful tool indeed. Thank you to everyone who helped create glitch, and to those who maintain this fabulous support forum.

Also I aplogize if my writing skills seem horrible to everyone.


thank you so much for the kind words and for being a part of our friendly community! i shared this with the rest of the company, who will appreciate it as much as i do.


I only found glitch through MDN last year, I thought it was just to host HTML. But now I enjoy it’s flexible tools for development.