After 4 years of Glitch - Thank you!

After almost 4 years of Glitch experience, I wanted to write a small farewell to thank you all because I don’t have any plans on using Glitch actively anymore.

I learned coding with Glitch. I chose Glitch because it was free to use and the UI was pretty simple for a starter. After searching and remixing random projects from Glitch, I slowly learned how JavaScript works, and made my first Discord bot with it. It was a simple bot, but I was too happy with my progress at coding.

The support forum was a great place too. I’ve asked a lot, answered a lot, and made some tutorials. Learned more about JS, talked with new people and learned more about domains, DNS, front-end and more stuff.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make Glitch a better place, especially @jenn, for informing, helping and supporting me and this community.

I would like to thank some great people I met here, @RiversideRocks, @EddiesTech, @khalby786, friends in the Unofficial Glitch Discord, and all of the people that I couldn’t remember today! I’ll rarely come back to the forums to talk with y’all! :wave:

I hope that :glitch: Glitch becomes a platform for everyone to learn and improve their skills.

Best wishes from Istanbul :tr:,

musti :heart:


appreciate you and the kind words - best wishes to you! and you’re always welcome to come back and share what you’re working on!