Together.Js startup

Hi there, I’ve remixed the Together.js example from Glitch and changed the url to match my hub as below but despite the session urls working on different devices they never seem to connect to each other. This leads me to believe that my hub code is not correct but there is no information I can see to help configure hub. I know the code is expired but it is perfect for my mvp - if I can get it to work. Has anyone any insights on this please? Thanks

my site:

I’ve been trying to use TogetherJS for a project of mine for a long time, and for some reason, the official hub does not seem to work (could be because TogetherJS isn’t maintained regularly).

I recommend hosting your own hub, here’s instructions for hosting a hub on Heroku: Mozilla Labs : TogetherJS

Once you have your own hub, you can change it in your code using

  TogetherJSConfig_hubBase = "";
  // more config
<script src=""></script>