Trying to free up disk space

Disk space seems to go no where no matter how much i delete, what am i doing wrong?

Hi @RanarTheWrathful - this help doc has some tips on how to lower disk space. What you may be running into, depending on what dependencies your project has, a hidden cache folder or maybe git history taking up the space. If you run du -lh in the terminal you can see a list of directories and how much space they’re taking up.

why -l here?

I’m seeing from the manual:

   -l, --count-links
          count sizes many times if hard linked


cd .data
dd if=/dev/zero of=orig bs=1M count=150
cp orig copy # fails, out of space
rm copy
ln orig c1
ln orig c2
ln orig c3
du -h # 151M    .
du -lh # 603M    .
df -h . # /dev/loop31     200M  153M   37M  81% /app
dd if=/dev/zero of=more bs=1M count=16 # succeeds


hardlinks seem to work normally

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because that’s just how i’ve been doing it since before i even got here and don’t want to have to go into the inner workings of the command to help someone out in the moment!

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