Unable to create new project via 'clone-from-repo' option

Cloning the repo using the console is working fine:

cd /
rm -rf /app/*
rm -rf /app/.*
git clone https://github.com/Chilace/Discord.RSS.git app

Creating a new app using the ‘clone-from-repo’ option in the ‘New Project’ menu doesn’t work, issuing an alert:

An error occurred when trying to create this project, please try again later.

Thanks for reporting this - I can reproduce the issue and so I’ve created a card for it and it will be looked into by our development team.

In the meantime, also try the ‘import from GitHub’ option found under Advanced Options from the top-left Project Info menu in the editor. Note that it’s Chilace/Discord.RSS not the full URL when asked which project to import. I’ve been able to import this repo that way without issue.

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Yes, it works this way, but git history is not imported

The problem was the ‘.’ in the project name. We try to base the Glitch project name on the GH repo name, and we don’t allow ‘.’ in project names. This is fixed - it now gets replaced with a ‘-’.

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Quick fix. Great!
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