Upgrade node this is sad

I beg of you to please allow us to go higher than node 16 I legit can’t use a NPM because its not supported in the node…Glitch is soft locking me from improving…this isnt something I can even shut up about version 20.7.0 is out and were still on 16 nodejs 16 is even being supported anymore… 2 years and 5 months ago 16 released… no node updates for 2 years… must I say more

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Hi @Papa_Gaming - you mustn’t say more! I totally understand your frustration, and my response to this is similar to this one here: Thoughts / plans around bun? - #2 by jenn

we need to get through some much needed (and happening as I type this!) work on our infrastructure. That work will make it so that we can update to containers more regularly and test these newer runtimes without causing issues with existing projects, or ending up with out-of-date runtimes like we’re working with now. I wish I had a timeline but I can tell you this is high priority for us.

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Github has started to allow the newest version of Node.js. A NPM called astro a absolutely insane NPM has a requirement of node 18+. The NPM uses React and Vite. Ontop of both of these you can also use it in electron. Plus, I also want to use new features and run code on a better node.


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What’s forcing you to node 18? I can run an Astro project on Node 16 fine.

Make sure you remove ~/.npmrc from your terminal if it exists!!

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There are new functions which exclusively work on Node 18 and newer.
Furthermore security support for Node 16 expired on September 11th.
So for security reasons, Node 18 is highly needed.
And of course for new functions, better performance, compability etc. aswell.


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