Vanilla remix of alexa-skill gives error intent?

I have remixed project alexa-skill and followed the directions in the readme.MD and setup.MD files.

I use the skill unmodified except for my key in .env.

My skill seems to go through all the Amazon steps just fine but I always get the same response when I use the test tab on developer . amazon . com:

“I can tell you the weather, but you must give me a day”

Could anyone help me out please?

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That’s the default response. Have you tried testing it in echosim? What happens when you give it a command with a day argument like tomorrow?

If I am logged in to Echosim with my developer account, is the new skill available to me. E.g. “alexa ask my weather bot tomorrow” ?


Yes, see the ‘Testing Your Alexa App’ in!/alexa-skill? for the commands

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Bingo. I was not precise enough with my command. I am very happy now and can carry on exploring.

Thanks for your time, Gareth.

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Great, let us know if you have any other questions.