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hello i have a problem with my robot discord project, my main file is in a sub folder, how to automatically go to the folder please (with the console everything works fine, my stroke the glitch code window a error returned not found module ‘/app/bot.js’> can you help me please


It would help if you could provide a link to your project, so we can see the structure of your project. Also, please create a new topic for any issues in the future, rather than replying to an unrelated topic. Thanks.


okay thank you I think in the future, here is my project:

it’s a bot mismatch, and the log window is refreshing over an error, i would like it to access my file (src) so that it finds my file (bot.js) thanks for your help


Change your start command in package.json to be "start": "node src/bot.js" (since your bot.js file is within the src directory)