Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal

I have the following logs in the console:
Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal
Vim: Warning: Input is not from a terminal

And my project is not working anymore, also after rewinding it.

The project name is “dom-newsletter-app”

Can you help me please?

@dorian that’s a super interesting bug – I can take a look at it later tonight (in a few hours) if it doesn’t resolve itself! Could you invite me to the project? It sounds like one of your dependencies must be using vim and piping the inputs/outputs possibly into a script?
Edited: the project doesn’t seem to be loading for me@dorian is that what you mean when you say that it isn’t working anymore? Also, welcome to the Glitch community!

Thank you for your answer. I am very new to Glitch.

Yes, it does not load anymore when I click on “Show”. Also I do not see anymore the message “'Your app is listening on port '” from Express.

I noticed that also! Usually when I get the error that a project won’t load it’s because of something wrong in the server.js or the package.json but these VIM warnings might be a clue that something different is going on. I’m not finding any errors related to Airtable when I google the vim errors but hopefully some more poking around will turn something up.

UPDATE: If you open the console you’ll see an open vim process running?? I was able to close it using the standard :q! [enter] command but :grimacing: it just opened back up again

Yes! I also see the VIM process running and after closing it, it opens again…

What does it look like? I didn’t see a vim process when I checked on one of my projects.

it’s wild – I opened the console just by toggling between logs/console and this is what I see:

and if you run [esc] :wq [enter] you’ll get:

Is that the same on a full page console? On a standard project? i.e. without a custom console, haha.

Try [esc] :q! [enter] to exit vim without saving changes, i.e. avoid the error about no filename.

I found the root of the problem. I had the following env variable with a space that I forgot to quote:

It seems that the problem was cause by the string: " vi" inside the env variable.

Now it seems that after that the project is “broken” and I cannot recover it.

If think that this night (GMT time) I will copy and paste it.

Many thanks to @househaunt and @mishavee for the help!


Yeah it just the standard console (full page or partial, nothing custom) – even when I quit out of the vim terminal, it would just automatically start back up. A fun one haha

Ah that makes sense! It was running the command vi and endlessly opening vim with no arguments. Let me know if any more problems come up with the project, I’m excited to see where it goes :slight_smile:

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Many thanks @househaunt . Meanwhile I saw that now the project loads without problem and do not stuck like this morning after I cancelled the env variable.


That’s a really good catch, @dorian, thanks for sharing your findings! I’m still a little puzzled about why that env variable would cause your project’s terminal to execute vi but I’m glad you found the solution!