VS Code extension: `command 'missing' not found`

After almost any change is made, during whatever process is re-running the code on the glitch server, the vs code extension gets an error that pops up top of the screen (and annoyingly slides my code down a line, which is jarring to look at): !!Missing: command!! This message is also a link, which when clicked reveals a small popup at the bottom: command 'missing' not found. No other information is available beyond that, as far as I could see in Problems, Output, or any other tabs. Is this a bug somewhere that can be avoided?


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I don’t know the exact answer, as this could be caused by many things. But I think it has to do with a extension.

What should you try anyways:

  • Check if Visual Studio Code is up-to-date
  • Hit Ctrl + Shift + x and attach a screenshot of the Enabled extensions list to your thread
  • Google any extension name with the error, maybe it will lead to an answer

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This has come up before and was due to an interaction with another extension. What other ones do you have installed and active on this project?

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Just restart Visual Studio