VS Code Extension - is it deprecated or withdrawn?

I intended to install the VS Code extension on this computer.
When I followed the link in the sticky-post on top of this category
(Glitch - Visual Studio Marketplace)
i get this message:
This extension is now unpublished from Marketplace. You can choose to uninstall it.

What does this mean? Is the software broken?

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Glitch discontinued the extension at the end of last year:


Thank you, @FlantasticDan

That information should be in the sticky-post on top of this category, rather than the current misdirection. That is the post you see when searching for glitch vs code extension

@cori - can you please update that post? Would have saved me much time,

Thanks for the suggestion @DovJacobson. I just pinned a post about the deprecation in the VS Code Extension forum category.


thanks tasha

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