What if someone bots my website?

So Glitch currently has 4,000 requests per hour limit, now let’s say, some evil person would put bot to keep requesting my glitch project very quickly until it will return an error saying that I reached request limit. Does glitch has some sort of protection against bots like this? Or is there any way to stop it? (Just curious)

You can use cloudfare to prevent DDoS

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Yeah thanks, however what about Glitch? Does glitch has some built-in protection against it?

Humn. I don’t think so. Im not a professional on websites though.

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@Daw588 you can put rectchapa/human verification system

Yeah, but it still counts as request.

Afaik, there isn’t any way of preventing someone from doing this.

Glitch has cloudflare built in which should (hopefully) throw a hcaptcha at any user who sends 4k requests before they complete there 4k requests.


Cloudflare does not prevent them, it only mitigates them

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Which I’m sure will prevent someone malicious from hitting 4k requests.