What is this "Secp256k1"

I just wrote “enable-pnpm” to the console and started typing on that console, what’s this?

(transleted by google)

Hey @CagatayD,

could you specify a bit more?

Do you have any bitcoin or blockchain related npm packages in your package.json?

(And what’s your native language? Maybe I know that language.)

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@khalby786 i don’t know

javascript @TheBigerGamer

"dependencies": {
    "fs": "^0.0.2",
    "tmi.js": "^1.5.0",
    "discord.js": "^11.5.1",
    "passport": "^0.4.0",
    "passport-discord": "^0.1.3",
    "express": "^4.16.4",
    "express-session": "^1.16.1",
    "node-fetch": "^2.6.0",
    "moment": "^2.24.0",
    "moment-duration-format": "^2.2.2",
    "ejs": "^2.7.2",
    "ffmpeg-binaries": "^4.0.0",
    "node-opus": "^0.3.2",
    "jimp": "^0.8.5",
    "passport-twitch-new": "^0.0.1",
    "passport-streamlabs": "^1.0.3",
    "request": "^2.88.0",
    "safer-buffer": "^2.1.2",
    "cheerio": "^0.22.0",
    "spotify-url-info": "^1.3.0",
    "webshot": "^0.18.0",
    "express-glitch-keepalive": "^0.2.0",
    "y-ipfs-connector": "^2.3.0",
    "ytdl-core": "^1.0.0",
    "ytdl": "^0.13.1",
    "mongodb": "^3.3.4",
    "assert": "^2.0.0",
    "mongoose": "^5.7.11",
    "canvas": "^2.6.1"

Wow! That’s a lot of packages!

i don’t know how to clean

Ok. I was searching and SEC is Standards for Efficient Cryptography. And secp256k1 is an encryptation algorithm with a key with 256k.

You got an error, or other thing?

@TheBigerGamer, are you suggesting that one of these packages caused it?

Maybe, maybe not. I see that probably he’s trying to create a website, and maybe one of the http requests is using the secp256k1 algorithm.

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maybe “glitch” is broke because my two project’s crash

other project “502 bad gateway”
this project “not connecting the discord”

Idk. But if you haven’t got any error refering secp356k1, I think you can just ignore it.

Btw, can you send here the log of the console?

Well @TheBigerGamer, @CagatayD,

Glitch is right now facing a partial outage across all services. They are currently investigating this. Check out status.glitch.com


@TheBigerGamer i cleared. btw now not saying “error”

Hmmm… but I think the enable-pnpm don’t triggers any secp356k1 request… Only if one of the packages OR the glitch API use that algorithm.

And if it isn’t an error, don’t worry. Just continue coding. If later in the future it appears again as an error, THEN you can worry a bit.

i create new project but my domains :frowning: :cry:,

@khalby786, @TheBigerGamer
Is there a database I can use on “glitch”?

(translated by google)

quick.db, sqlite, enmap, and others

I like to use quick.db.
To install any of them, just go to your package.json, and search for one of them.

Also MongoDB is there.

i have three project

  • website
  • discord bot
  • cdn server
    a database between which I can communicate? (translated by google)