Are swear word filters allowed on Glitch?

A swear word filter. Specifically, an obfuscated swear word filter.

Hi there @supercat441! Yes, swear word filters (obfuscated, I don’t know about the ones that aren’t) are allowed on Glitch.

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Just be aware that obfuscating code on Glitch is not allowed:

But would obfuscating a REGEXP be allowed?

I think obfuscating swear words on a filter would be OK, but I’ll make sure to ping @glitch_support to make sure.

obfuscating a regexp might be pretty safe, due to its really limited capabilities.

do you have any techniques for obfuscating a regexp?

I think the easiest way to do it would be simply base64 encoding it.

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I just realized that obfuscating a regex is a classic problem in unix

they recommend, for example doing grep [f]nord when searching for fnord. interesting

new Regexp(atob(base64))

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