Will a collapsable file tree view be in the next editor update?

Folder structuring in the Glitch Editor becomes unwieldy very quickly due to the lack of a proper collapsable file tree view where directories / folders can be expanded and collapsed. This feature alone will make the editor much less of a novelty and more of a true work environment. :fire:

Hello @SirFizX,

There are many updates planned for the editor on glitch!
Collapsible file trees have been but into thought as others have suggested it, but is not certain whether that will make it into any of the future updates.

In the meantime, you can use some glitch torcAddons.
You can find these at GitHub - torcado194/glitch-torcAddons

If you need any more help with the torcAddons, you can reply to this topic.


Thanks @Callum-OKane. Have a great day!

No problem. Have a great day too!

Just realized… my students don’t have the ability to add browser addons/extensions. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh right, I myself do not know a way to get around that then. Sorry. If I think of anything that can be a solution to that problem I will let you know as soon as a possibly can!

We do have editor improvements in the works, and a better folder browser is something we here at Glitch dearly hope for as well; we suffer through the current file list on a daily basis, as you can see when looking at the source for the community site.

I can’t say it’ll be in the “next” editor update; since our deploy process is pretty fluid updates to the Editor are often quite small. But we are actively working on it and hopefully we’ll see it “soon”.


This is very reassuring.:grinning: As our CS1 Game Engine project has grown, an increasing number of students have been getting lost in the source code despite being organized into folders. This will surely help my students gain their focus much more quickly.

Thank you @cori! :pray:t4:

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