(NEEDED) Editor Tree View w/ Expandable/Collapsable Folders

Please fix the editor to have a proper tree view w/ expandable/collapsable folders. :pray:

I mean, this is an incredible idea. I’d personally love to have access to this as it’d probably be more helpful to organise code more efficiently.

This might help:

Unfortunately my students are restricted from installing Chrome extensions.

make glitch on glitch, it wouldnt be that hard

Believe me, that’s no problem at all. This is a legitimate feature request not monkey patch material.

what part of the monkey would you use for a patch???

(im not dumb ik what you mean)

A monkey patch is a way for a program to extend or modify supporting system software locally (affecting only the running instance of the program). It has nothing to do with anyone’s intelligence. I’m sorry if you took it that way.

no i just made a bad joke about that and said that i knew what that ment lmao

also ive now listened to crab rave 135 time and i really need a life

Darn! You got me hooked on the crab rave video!

Hey y’all we’re actively working on Editor improvements including changes to how folders are handled, as we’ve noted in numerous other posts on the subject. These aren’t simple changes and require quite a bit of testing so we don’t make things worse; the last thing we want is to release changes intended to be helpful but instead introducing new bugs in such an important part of the Editor experience. I still can’t offer a timeline or when this might be ready because we want to do it right, but it’s in process, and believe me we all want it just as badly as you all do. We suffer with this daily, as you can see by looking at the file list in the glitch.com project.

Separately, there are already a number of topics related to better folder management open here; instead of raising visibility, spreading votes and comments out across numerous posts just dilutes the momentum and hampers our ability to keep track of what’s important to you folks. Searching for, commenting on, and voting for existing topics is much more useful for the Glitch team.

You make very valid points. Thank you Cori. I should have responded to or updated an existing related post rather than create a new post.

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Thanks for understanding my drift, @SirFizX, I totally get that the current file management is frustrating!

Hey folks, we’ve released an update to the Editor that turns on a folder-style file list display. Read more about it at Now your folders act like folders!.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues - that topic is a great place to add your comments.

Thanks for your patience, and we hope this is useful! Happy Glitching!

Thank you so much Cori! I bonked during a long bicycle ride today. This is such good news to get as I recover!

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Sorry to hear that! Here’s hoping you mend quickly!