A few questions (maybe there should be an FAQ? :))

Apologies if these are answered anywhere; I couldn’t find answers…

  1. Who is this for? Is it aimed at being throwaway/prototyping projects or something more?
  2. Is the plan for it to always be node on the server, or is this just the first thing implemented?
  3. How private is this beta supposed to be? (anyone can visit the domain, including support.hyperdev.com, things don’t tend to stay private online with referers etc.!)
  4. I don’t understand the “.env” file… It says you can put secret things there… who can see what’s in there? It doesn’t seem shared if I open the project in an incognito window, but presumably if you’re collaborating with someone you might want to share things like API keys?


thanks for your interest in this project :slight_smile: We are glad you asked these questions, as they’re among the most important points that we want to make clear (and the beta was made in order to bring them up).

  1. The app you write in HyperWeb will be available 24/24/365. Our backend is designed with resiliency and scalability in mind, and even if at the current time you might notice that there are some limitations on what you can run, in the future we will likely add additional resources as premium options, in order for you to host any kind of web application. This is our commitment: create a tool that makes you build any sort of application, without caring about deploy, but just about what you like the most: coding.

  2. The backend is completely programming-language agnostic. If we see that one of the most asked features is to support different programming languages, we will make sure to provide them as soon as possible.

  3. It’s a private beta, and we’re running on the honor system currently. We’ve got controls in place to lock it down to invitees only, but please don’t make us have to use them :slight_smile:

  4. Anyone that has “write permission” to your project can see the content of the .env file. That is: you and people that you invite using the “invite” button. Everyone else can see your “public” files, but “.env” is marked as private, so you can store all of your secrets there and share them only with people you trust. In the future we will make this point clearer.

Thanks again for your interest, hope to hear from you back soon.

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Great; thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

I’m not a big node fan (it’s bad enough I have to use JS on the client, I don’t want more of it on the server ;)), but I don’t know how it’d feel writing C# (my preferred language) inside a browser either!

Still; I’ll try and find some time to have a play around.

As for invites, what’s the deal - do you want us actively inviting people?

Sorry for the :turtle: reply on this…

We’re actively pushing towards a public beta, but we’re not quite there yet. Until we get to that point, we’re happy for any additional users you’d like to pass our way. You can point them to the beta signup page and we’ll get them in as soon as possible:

** we’re in public beta now, so yeah… tell everyone :smiley:


Twenty-four days a week! Talk about uptime!


Oooooh, so that’s where all the 8’s come from :laughing:

This is still a beta so don’t ask me how many 9’s. You can have all the 8’s you want.


it’s multi-cpu :wink: :wink:

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