Alternative SCM providers (Codeberg etc) with Glitch

I’m wondering whether anyone has done any work on making Glitch operate against e.g. Codeberg, Gitea etc.

I suppose I might be able to do something with the project’s private git URL and have a hook that connects from my local machine to Codeberg… but I’m not completely confident about that.

I found a discussion topic about running Forgejo on Glitch, but that’s not quite what I’m after, here. Ideally I’d be able to export / push to Codeberg. Hmm. maybe I could do that via the terminal on the Glitch app?

(filing this under feature ideas, as it feels like it might be something nice to have as an option for a future version of Glitch, after the current underlying platform work is done…)

I’d try pushing from the terminal. as long as codeberg doesn’t block glitch

if you’re looking to automate it you could add a post-commit hook to automatically push all of Glitch’s autocommits to your remote.


right, that might be a way forward here. Thanks, I’ll experiment around that!