Glitch Always on

hello there everyone. Today I noticed this:
It says we will be able to have our projects always on. I was wondering when this came around if this would be paid or behind some other wall (like how we have to be thanked to use custom domains.) if anyone could tell me that would be appreciated, thanks

Hey there - current plans point towards that being a paid option. No firm timeline yet, though.


Thank you Cori. This is useful information

I’m pretty late, but you can use UptimeRobot to ping your website every 5 minutes. That way it’ll say on forever. I don’t know if this is against the terms of services tho.

Ya it is allowed, however i have had issues with it and use I was just wondering about this option.

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even using uptime robot, the bot will still stop operating every 12 hours right?

Yes (you project will boot back up from the ping) and right now while glitch is Improving performance Ping from Outside services are being blocked
They will be unblocked in the future

so I have to refresh it every 12 hours?
like manually refresh it to the website?

Right Now yes But it will only Be temporary

can I refresh it like every 5 hours?

Not Too Sure if you were to Type Refresh in the console but i know Projects Will Stay online for 12 hours Total then Shut off

The heck does it say ALWAYS on if its only 12 hours :thinking:

Because glitch is kills the project when that isn’t used (that means not when the project doesn’t gets request) to save memory.

If you are using a Boosted APP it will stay Online 24/7 without interruptions
But Free Users Can not enable it

Uhm, so “always-on” exists in a lighter, 12-hour version for free users too now?

You see the Gem? in this Image how it is Grayed out?
You see non-boosted Apps will have a Gray Gem and for boosted apps it should be pink meaning The project was boosted
So Non-Boosted Projects if they do not get any requests after 5 minutes will Shut off
if you use a script to ping the project every 5 minutes so it can’t shut off
it will run for 12 hours total
For BOOSTED Apps Those Rules Do not apply they will Run 24/7

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