An urgent rewind of my project needs assistance



Hi there if i am creating this new topic its because my case is different.

I am aware that when you use the rewind feature it goes back to the previous state but mine own case is a crucial one for my projects disk space is full and trying to rewind yields no results. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

if any staff can please help me clear my disk space i will be so greatful.

Thanks and awaiting your response


There are many ways to clear some disk space on your project,

Step 1. would be to create a .gitignore file and put all the directories of the folders that take up a lot of space, or that is used a lot into this file.

step 2. In the console. Type the following commands

git prune
git gc

Hope this helps in any way!


It wasnโ€™t responding again but gave me a chance to remix so i remixed it and its ok now. Thanks for your quick reply


Hey @Bfaschat if your project is hitting space limits due to the size of the git repo consistently then youโ€™re probably writing to one or more files that are being committed to your repo with every change. To avoid this becoming a problem again then youโ€™ll want to add those files to a gitignore file.


i truly appreciate the way Glitch takes issues at heart.

:wink: :blush: :blush: :blush: +100