Are abandoned, unused projects deleted?


So, I go to and automagically get a new project,!/project/bloom-stew or!/project/open-haze or!/project/hyper-mist or whatever :slight_smile:

Some projects get attention; I might try a prototype or something more serious… others are abandoned after a while, and will never be used again. (And when starting something new after that, I’m more likely to want a new, fresh project instead of continuing with one I abandoned earlier.)

That leaves me a question:

  1. Are abandoned, unused projects deleted after a while?
  2. If so, how do you measure that “not being used”, and what are the threshold values?


Currently we don’t automatically delete abandoned unused projects, if they are abandoned and unused they don’t cost us many resources :stuck_out_tongue: . Eventually we may start removing them but we haven’t nailed down the specifics yet.

We’ll try and find the right balance between letting people return to projects in their own time and the expense of maintaining them.

What are your thoughts? When would you consider it ok to remove an inactive project?


Well, if keeping abandoned, unused projects don’t bother you (e.g. with administration overhead) and don’t cost you money, then leaving them as-is is understandable.

I would distinguish between abandoned projects (projects to which a project contributor hasn’t opened the development interface for a while and/or hasn’t made any changes) and unused projects (projects which application doesn’t receive requests at all) though. Projects just in the first group should remain alive – I’ve got a couple of projects that run on Heroku daily, but I haven’t touched the code or the admin interface for a long while.

But project applications that aren’t even accessed (no HTTP requests to the application) for say, like 9 or 12 months, perhaps could be archived or deleted, with some timely notification in advance. By all measures, these projects can be considered dead. And as a project owner, I would understand the consequences, also considering the free pricing of HyperDev and if it was noted in the terms of service.


Is there a way to restore a deleted project?


It’s typically possible. Some old projects from a few months ago are more difficult to restore because we had a poorer backup system, but newer projects should be easy to get back.

What’s the project you’re interested in?


It’s called steel-cirrus and it’s about a game called ROBLOX. Is there a way?


I’ve restored the project for you, have fun! :slight_smile:


@CherryPlaysRoblox1 , @DanielX restored the project! Thanks! :relaxed:


Oh gosh thanks so much!!! :grin: