Can't scroll markdown rendered content

There are no scroll bars when markdown page is rendered.

I’m unable to reproduce this. Please let us know your browser and OS, thanks.

Chrome 49 on Vista 32. Other Chrome version don’t work here.

We’re currently targeting modern evergreen browsers, latest autoupdating Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, Edge, etc. We’ll take a look and see if there are some easy improvements for older browsers but our current priority is the modern batch of browsers at this time.

Thanks for the report!

Do you have a survey what % of your users are using latest browsers?

We do survey clients browsers, the usage we’ve seen reflects the general popularity of browsers in the wild. (Skewing towards more desktop than mobile, but still significantly mobile)

techtonik you should try Firefox, it’s end of life too for vista, but at a much more recent version

I have Firefox and Chrome installed on Fedora, but because I was learning computer stuff on Windows, it is hard to be productive with no tools matching familiar Far Manager, and no ability to rebind Alt-F1, Alt-F2 there. Yea, I know that’s my problem and I should use whatever Google and other folks tell me to use, but I am too old tired of this race.

Thanks again for the response techtonik. We do agree that it’s important to make tooling accessible for people and long term we plan to expand our supported browsers. Right now it’s not as high priority as some of the other things we’re working on, but we do hope to get to it eventually. I know it’s tough that Glitch isn’t working the way you want on the systems you have and we don’t intend to come across as saying we won’t fix it, just that we won’t fix it yet (hopefully soon). Thanks again for supporting us. :smiley_cat:


Knowing this makes me feel better. Thank you. :heart:

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