Claim Typeform benifit Github Eror

I’m having trouble claiming the benefits of the Free professional plan for 1 year from github student

code respon eror : Site didn’t respond ,Something in the code caused it to close the connection before providing a response.

how to fix ??


Hi there, could you share the link you followed when you saw this?

Need help too have the same issue when trying to claim the benefit ( student developer pack ) for Typeform

Ah ok this is a Typeform project built on Glitch but it doesn’t appear to be working. I would recommend contacting either Typeform or the GitHub edu people who manage the student developer pack!


from down are the steps that lead me to that url

Right so I would follow the link to Typeform support then!


Is there any update?
I have the same problem.

Hi there, this seems to be an issue with a Glitch app created by Typeform so you’ll need to contact their support!

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