Code not working

Ok so while on index.html i tried to put in a code for 3D text which is not going through into the room and when i use another code for example text then it works just fine and goes in so why does everything but the code i am useing work if there is no errors or red dots

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Hi @amaskthatcanfly,

Are you getting any errors in the Logs or in the Chrome DevTools???

Hello,(im new to this site) sorry for not responding earlier, but i believe it is the chrome devtools.What is the problem is one of the codes I am using does not go through, but other ones do.I sent a picture of what I am looking at incase it is not what I said was wrong.All I am trying to do is insert 3D text.

Oh, I see you’re trying to use AFrame…


Here’s how a 3D text basically looks in A-Frame:

<a-entity text="value: Hello World;"></a-entity>

and you’re using text-geometry attribute for the 3D text instead of just text. You can only use text-geometry with the aframe-text-geometry-component NPM package or it won’t work. Read here for more about rendering 3D text in A-Frame (the usual way).

Thank you, but how do I now download NPM?

I don’t suggest using the NPM package because you’ll have to convert your project to a Node js project and you’ll have a hassle between the server side and client side code. Anyone know how to do it in A-Frame?

I just found out a new solution to add 3D text while looking more into it.So thank you for helping me,I wish the best of luck to you