Coming soon! a python to nodejs assistant

i have seen a lot of people struggling on the move from python to nodejs, so i came up with the idea of making a package to give python terms that are familiar to help those moving from python to nodejs, expect this to release on monday!


  • added len
  • added __name__
  • added __ module, allows for accessing of items such as __name__
  • added list
  • adding nodejs version of python json module ( python json, with major modifications)
  • adding os and sys
  • adding backups so the system does not get deleted like html-db
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Yes! Finally

I’ll be here on monday

also, it is written in typescript, and will be extremely easy to use, but, will require the smallest of explanation, so the coder can use it!


Okay! I’ve seen your spoiler and its looking good!

Is there any usage docs?

not yet

but there will be soon!

Dude, is anything wrong with your Chromebook’s display or is it just a theme? Most of the text is purple!


normal glitch colors hurt my eyes :\

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where is the code may i ask?

not available yet, i am making the updates public here till i release the code, and package

although, the package will be named @jonyk56/py

so, keep an eye out!

Is it ready yet?


any updates on this?

Idk, nothing on npm i don’t think…

No, only 4 packages match the name