Committy - The collaborative card game that you may or may not regret unwillingly contributing to


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I recently participated in the So Bad It’s Good Jam 2023, and the theme for it this year was ‘Every Suggestion Combined’ - so I decided to take the theme in a completely tangental direction by producing this travesty.

Every single card in Committy is a user creation, and all of the interactions between the cards are also user-defined.

Gameplay is rather simple: two players are dealt a hand of 3 (or more) cards, and they simply need to choose a card from their hand that they think will beat whatever card their opponent plays in order to win. The catch? The interactions between cards are decided via democracy and precedent.

If the two selected cards haven’t been played against each other before, the players must present a convincing argument about why their card is objectively superior to their opponent’s card - and whomever successfully manages to convince the third party that their card is the best wins, and that verdict is to be stored in the database. From then on, as the cards have been played against each other and the winner of the matchup is already known - that precedent shall be applied (without any warning) whenever those two cards are put up against each other for the rest of time.


Good question.

This was my first ever attempt at using Node.js to create something, and, although the playable version of Committy is effectively just an MVP rather than the full experience I was initially intending to deliver (see the README either on glitch or on github if you wanna find out more about the originally-intended gameplay experience), I suppose this could have gone much worse for a first Node.js project.


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