Commonjs/html DB

html-db version: 0.0.1-AE-DEV-BETA

Project URL:!/html-db?path=package.json:13:99 URL:
Yarn URL:
Unpkg URL:
Github URL: PERM

If Project URL does not work, use the URL

works on:

  • Chrome
  • firefox
  • samsung internet
  • internet explorer
  • ethernet - internet explorer

my project is about an html database system, and it works much better than using fs, it is staged and configured using webpack and not hosted.

to help develop this very big project (across all languages glitch can run), we need some helpers, if you want to help out, come on every thursday at 12:00 PM EST and we will choose 5 users to assist in the project, this will occur each week, until august 21st, and then a different schedule will be given.
each user who helps out will be removed after the 1 week assistance period so no bad stuff happens in our good community of


as of august 10th:
* public license will by released
* community databases will be released
* unpkg client for database viewing released ?
as of august 21st:
* every tuesday at 3:25 PM EST 
* 6 users will be chosen to assist in the project
* the one week time will be cut down to only 5 days
* helpers will work on their sole part, and help no one else, unless the other user is working on the same thing as the helper
* sql servers will be up and running, so the database will always have a backup on a website 
* c++ will be fully implemented, and allow for the access to fs without errors

if you want to help suggest items, be sure to check the FIRST reply to this post, it will be edited often to give updates, and suggestions to assist us with.

all credit goes to the following users ( if you helped out, you will be mentioned here! ):
@cori @chroventer ( c++ issues with runtime )
@chroventer ( webview suggestion )

credit to foundations & companies:
NodeJS, the runtime we all love so much!
J-Tech Foundation, improving your tech of tomorrow,
and lastly, those kind staff at the glitch offices in nyc allowing us to host our scripts and bots and whatever we would like on their site!


  • i own J-Tech, anyone who does not follow GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Apache license 3.0 will be charged by fines from $250-$500
  • if you do not follow the 3.0 rules and regulations, the glitch team will also have a right to fine you a legal amount
  • J-Tech has a higher fine amount maximum due to cellular services and internet access altogether

ADDED: babel translate, how to use wiki, app for database viewing, official commonjs version
NOT ADDED: roast mode :smiley:

adding comparison back when i feel like it… too annoying for “misguidance”

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  • python (not yet fully complete)
  • commonjs database ( not yet fully complete)
  • backups being coded in(pastebin, hastebin, discord-bot, sql, flat-db, etc etc)


  • my ability to do typescript ( we need some help! )


  • java
  • public license
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Hey there,

Nice work there!
I think you should append the webview feature to the module, which would further advance the users’ experience.

Besides that, nice job!

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thank you for the advice!
I will research into that more, and if you would like, i do need a bit help currently

side note: can you send me link to the webview feature you would like to see added

@chroventer would you mind providing what the webview feature shall do to extend the experience?

forgot to add this in the original comment XD

creating a support repo on github TODAY, HORAAH, finally this thing can be locked up to only me and staff.

Hey there,
I would like to contribute to the project “html-db” and not join as a staff member.
However, since the repository is temporary…

Good luck!

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yea… repository will be on it’s own site, SOON

repository will be official, a private one will be for the site

anyone know ts really well? cause i need some who do

Sure thing, I’m pretty good with TypeScript.

Hey there,
Unfortunately, I don’t see the point of creating this module, since there are tons of other databases out there that provides much better service to the users, works flawlessly, better support, etc.
I’d like you to either add a benchmark comparing your database to some other JSON database or other database, in that case or add a feature-list indicating or mentioning what your database can and cannot do.

Kind regards!

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could you please explain why we should use this over other dbs and what your db can do for us that others’ can’t?

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you’ll see, and plus, sql can get corrupt, many can get corrupt, but this one has to many backups it won’t get corrupt

Wouldn’t many backups cause an issue with disk space on the machine?

nope, because the backups will NOT be on the machine…

Then where would they be? If they are on your servers, now you have a security problem

The comparison is unfortunately partially incorrect. I am not sure if it was intentionally done.
Henceforth, I’d like you to cease misguidance of users.


you’ll see
there is a lot to be added…