Community Open Thread 26 - June 16, 2023 ☔️

It’s friday, how’s it going? It’s raining out by me and thundering a bit too - I’m just glad the sky’s not orange like the Canada wildfires made it last week. Completely unrelated, have you noticed our new homepage featuring our new progressive web app starters? Check those out, but then come back here to click on these links, okay?

By the way, Mastodon is a member of our Fast Forward program and we’ve been helping them mitigate a bunch of DDOS attacks recently as they’ve scaled to welcome the influx new members. It’s super interesting stuff for anyone running their own instance, or really any community on the web, and we’re hosting a conversation with the folks involved and we invite you to join us - it’s free to sign up and, yes, there will be a recording if you can’t make it!

Your turn to talk! Let us know what you’re working on and what’s been catching your interests this week!


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very cool!

lol just look at this video they linked The Brick Wall “Hates Twitter” - Youtube

Cool finds

Question of the minute

What is your opinion on reddit blackout/API pricing changes?

Post it bellow.

if you discover this you just won a cookie

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I’m curious, does fastly have anything special that helps mastodon as a federated system in general. It’d obviously be nice to have a sort of whitelist that always allows real mastodon servers to federate with each other.

Besides that, I also do wonder how mastodon works when one server drops out, are federated servers able to temporarily cache the inaccesible posts?

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this week has been so hectic :skull: but I’m still gradually working on glitch stuff too

oh recently I was looking into getting modern xterm.js working with the glitch terminal endpoint

:point_up: the current state of it, I’ll probably break that later. it needs your persistent token tho. you could try it with an anonymous user if you don’t want to use your own account.

the latest xterm works pretty well on mobile. would be nice to have some on-screen buttons for ctrl and alt etc like how termux does.

also when I was looking into what version of xterm.js glitch was using in its terminal, I found that it was an old version that had at least one major vulnerability, to the effect that a specially crafted string printed on the terminal would cause attacker-supplied input to be provided back as terminal input, i.e. being able to run commands at the shell or something. so this is everyone’s warning to be very careful about logging untrusted data when you’re using the glitch terminal. …or you can use my glitch command line tool snail term — Snail to connect to the project terminal and not have this problem! :grinning: