Community Open Thread 33 - October 20, 2023

It’s Friday! Where I’m at, it’s rainy and the leaves are falling so the sidewalk is slippery and I’m hoping I don’t have to create another counter for how many times I’m humbled by either this community or gravity + weather. Let’s click some links:

  • Bannerizer is a tool for creating a banner that’s aligned the way you want it, as most tools just crop the center and it can get very weird - or worse, it crops out the little vienna sausage in the fishies mouth on one’s Linkedin profile page.
  • This region capture demo gives an example of how display capture of a current tab can be used. It reminds me of the magnifying tool on some shopping site listings, where you hover and it shows a zoomed in part of the listing photo. The editor’s draft of the API is only a few months old and edited by someone from Google so I assume this demo Only Works On Chrome™.
  • This Timothée Chalamet paper doll app has been around for awhile but every time it gets mentioned on social I smile. I’m obsessed with the floating peach emoji, and I hope one of you creates a similar script when we roll out the new Glitch. Maybe a floating :hotdog: to go with this theme.

Now it’s your turn to share what you’re working on, what apps, blogs or podcasts you’re enjoying, what snacks your fishies are eating, etc. I’ve got something cool to share next week with you all that involves a strawberry holding a butter knife, so stay tuned and see you on

cropped photo of my linkedin header background showing a large fish with a vienna sausage in its mouth


The Potato King of Peru has asked for my assistance making a website to showcase… 3D models of potatoes. I have a meeting about it tomorrow. Might use hubs? Maybe I’ll try and make a big ole modelviewer project of different potatoes flying around. Trying to get hired, the potato thing doesn’t pay. I am just doing that gig out of my strong loyalty to starchy tubors.


Another recent addition to my Creative Bots project is a bot that tracks Wikipedia pages with most edits during the previous day: @wikipediatopedits.

If you don’t have a fediverse account yet, there’s also an RSS feed:

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wow, I didn’t know this creator, very inspiring projects! I made a fan page too:


Nice page, and great CSS! I also didn’t know about him.

last time I got rickrolled was a long time ago :joy:

but I always have my rickroll detector


That is actually kinda useful!

That is so cool! I can see tons of ways this could be used.

Probably, I’m using firefox and I get this error:

Haha I love it!

It is looking great! Can’t wait for (almost) everything to be available.

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this is in the list of top 10 all-time cinematic betrayals :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed::skull::hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


wait, are you talking about this potato king???

(i SWEAR this is not a rickroll, i am 140 years old and not allowed to do that anymore)

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Sorry for the low quality content. I gave another shot - you can press on the emoji to change the tabs (I did it without front end framework)

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Haha, it’s awesome! I’m remixing it

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I did my own graphics for a project icon!

reference photo → 9000 hours in photopea pen tool → svg export → 9000 more hours redoing the path code → 2 more hours fixing coincident edges

it’s a reference to this post!

You could take an X-Acto knife and cut out exactly that range of the .nar and get the program.

ended up doing a different brand hobby knife though


it looks REALLY good, nice work!

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