Connecting project to a godaddy domain

Hello, I have tried to connect my godaddy domain to my glitch project for my website that I’m making in that project. However, whenever I type my domain name in the search bar it takes me to which is the url it tells me to put into the DNS.

Can anyone assist me?

Hello, can you show us a screenshot of your DNS records? I have a feeling you are forwarding your domain to instead of making a CNAME for it.

I did that.

Can you link me your domain?

It doesn’t seem to load on my side, which makes me think that your DNS is still propagating. When using a non-Cloudflare DNS server, it can take up to 24 hours to propagate. Com back in 24 hours (or move to cloudflare) and tell me if you have the same issue.

Oh alright, is it easy to move my domain from godaddy to cloudflare?

It will take a bit of work, but it isn’t that hard.

Have a look at this video for how to do that.

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I think I connected it to cloudflare.

Nice, be sure to select this option:

Okay, done.

Congrats, I think your site is up!

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Oh yes! That’s it! Thank you so much!!!

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the problem was here. the name should be something like www.