Sub domains with cloudflare

Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to do subdomains with cloudflare for a long time now.

so i have a domain at godaddy and I’m using cloudflare to handle the domain. But i have no clue how to add subdomains to cloudflare and use it on a seperate project on glitch.
because you can’t do when adding a domain to a project. So how would i add a subdomain on cloudflare and use it on a seperate project. Let’s say i have I want that in a seperate project.

thank you:)

You can just add another CNAME with Cloudflare.

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I added a CNAME, name as api ( and target as the url glitch gave me when i did in my new glitch project.

it kinda works but now I’m getting a 525 error

Do you have Strict SSL?