Consider list-chart of non-compatible npm packages

recently i’m moving quickly exporting a sandbox project that uses npm package called wright
however this package is not compatible with Glitch for multiple reasons related to reliance on Chrome-view etc.
to save time some tool please to scan my package.json to warn-advise me how to re-form or re-consider npm packages listed (because are known non-compatible)

now i’m importing project from replit that uses vite - when I export from replit I have many files - however Glitch wants package.json with scripts: start..- so some way to auto-analyze my package.json key-value pairs and suggest how to update them so that can easily import project into Glitch from other places?

I can understand if most people start on Glitch- but is not always case- i understand that package.json can be an infinite number of different key-value pairs- but at least some priliminary vetting to notify the user that their project will need adjustments or that packages listed in package.json are known for not being at all compatible with Glitch - a package compatibility chart of sorts?
Thanks !

I’m curious about this too. I know that start runs when the project starts, and there is also build that I’m guessing is triggered for generated_static. But I could never find the official documentation on this

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