Console.log - where to find it?


I have a console.log statement in my js / react code and I want to check up on it. Where would I find the console similar to the chrome developer tool?

PS: I don’t mean the terminal.


Welcome to Glitch forums, @CreativeOneDay!

You can see the logs by clicking on Tools > Logs

You can find Logs here:

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Thx … that’s where I assumed it, but it just says “Compiled successfully!” and not actually showing what I consol-logged out.

This is the project:

and I console.log something out in the Joke.js component.

@CreativeOneDay I found this confusing also! My understanding is that the “logs” capture any logs (like a console.log, echo, print statement, etc) output from the serverside code, but won’t have access to anything getting logged from the frontend/clientside code. For that, I show the project in a new window and use the built-in dev tools. Let me know if you come up with a different solution though, I’d be interested to hear!


Thx @househaunt, that’s probably the best shot.

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Hey @CreativeOneDay, welcome to the forums (and thanks for using Glitch!). That’s the way we check logs here as well—using the editor to see the backend logs, and going to the live app to check the browser’s console logs for anything that happens in production.

Making a note on the fact that this is a bit confusing. Always good to have on our list different ways we can make the experience clearer for folks!

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The problem is, that on mobile you don’t have Dev Tools, and therefore no access to a console…

This is a bummer, because Codepen and JSFiddle offer one.

I made a feature request which you can vote on here: Glitch browser console

But IMHO this is a essential feature that should be part of the making Glitch work on mobile effort, because right now without a console it’s not really useful.

Hello, please don’t bump multiple old threads.

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bump, seems like a good feature, and I was also confused.

Hi, rather than bumping old threads that are asking for help, please go and vote on the post in #feature-ideas instead :slight_smile:

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Hi. I wasn’t able to read that. The image is not showing up on my PC. I tried clicking on the logo icon for But it’s not working. Can you please give me some steps?