Data files are copied over when remixing a project

gomix is super awesome, one of the coolest things in a long time. when making an app with it I ran into this issue!

In Can i see files written to .data or when they change? it says

.data is more suited for storing things like a file database (SQLite or NeDB): the characteristic of this folder is that it won’t be “remixed” by people that are remixing your project.

This says that the .data folder is not copied over when remixing a project

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click ‘remix’

Step 3: In the remixed project, change server.js to these two lines
var fs = require(‘fs’);

What I expected: false to be printed to the console, because that file should not exist after remixing.

What actually happened: true is printed to the console.

this worries me because I’d like to have user data from my app be private, and I think this means that it’s not.

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Hi jvns,

Thanks for the thorough report! I believe what is happening is that the sqlite database is being recreated on startup in the remixed project. I recently tried to reproduce by writing text files to the .data folder and they were not carried through in a remix.

A further test you can to to be sure is to write some new data into the database in your remix, then remix it again and see if the data carried through or if it was re-initialized with the sample data.

Thanks again for the report, I hope this helps :slight_smile: