Digital Ocean Help for Node.js App with Termius

I currently own a $5 Droplet and Termius Premium for using SFTP. I like Termius more than Putty personally as I find it a lot easier to use in general, and it has a way better UI. However, the only tutorials I can find are for Putty.

I’ve set it up before, but it was a while ago and I forgot how to do it. Does anyone know about any tutorials for setting up with Termius, or know the steps for doing so?

I would use FileZilla as it is much easier to use.

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I already bought Termius, and like it a lot more than anything else I’ve tried. Thanks for the suggestion though.

This is the error I’m getting.image

Did you setup SFTP correctly? Also I noticed it’s using username & password to sign in. Is there any other auth methods you can setup?

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Thanks for the reply. I am using root passwords, which is what I’ve used before. I haven’t ever used SSH keys.

Have you double-checked the information you put in? If that doesn’t work I have an alternate method to get the files onto the Droplet

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I put the username as the name of the droplet, and the password as the root password from the droplet.

(sorry if i’m being dumb i am pretty new to this and know barely anything about it)

Try using the root username and password.

If that doesn’t work there might be settings on your Droplet not letting SFTP to work.

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How do I find the root username?

It’s usually sudo or root

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Worked. Thank you so much. I was being dumb and putting “ubuntu-randomlettershere” as the username since it was the name of the droplet.

Yeah don’t feel bad about that, quite a common mistake for people who don’t know much on what the are using. Glad to help!

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Also, one more question. From here can I just install npm and pm2, or do I have to do something else first?

If I were you, I would make sure everything is ready, then doing npm install.


Best course of actions is to do sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade first, this ensures your droplets got the latest security patches. From there node should be installed (not sure about NPM). Just install whats needed and you should be good.

I’d recommend you do some sort of docker setup to ensure stability but its entirely up to you.


Actually, all you need to do is apt install nodejs And it will install v14.

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@Anish was saying that because it brings in updates to the OS and also the docket thing was for ensuring stability but it’s their choice

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yeah also sometimes one command can possibly be the end of your linux setup, plus it offers a bit more security and you can prevent unauthorized activity from happening by setting up restrictions


don’t forget


for firewalls ;)

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