If not glitch, where can I host my discord bot privately

So glitch has been S*** lately, and I have a big server, and well I need somewhere to host my discord bot for it. I do have a VPS, but its in user right now. I really need some recommendations

I even pay for glitch plus, and I cant handle this downtime

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You can always self-host. It really depends on how many servers your bot is in.

I can’t self host, Im out of home a lot, and the bot needs to be on 24/7

I suppose you could do some research into VPS.

If anyone has any good recommendations, post them here!

I would buy a VPS at https://digitalocean.com and host your bot there.

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Repl.it is what im using now to host my bots since its like glitch and they make it easier to add a custom domain, if you need help with installing packages (which i had issues with) let me know.
Also there are a lot of good free VPS that you find on discord and they have invite rewards and more in which you can get more space on. Let me know if you would like to find a discord VPS bc i know a few.

What is the difference between a VPS and a Discord VPS?

Di’nt you make qbot, I made my own open soruce bot called rbot!

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Yeah I did, and cool.

I dont like repl.it because its not private

If you’d like I can help you setup a DigitalOcean VPS.

somone can just flat out take the bot

I have a vps, BUT Its in use by all our sites and stuff

You can buy up to 3 DigitalOcean droplets by default so you should just be able to buy a new one.

Don’t use DigitalOcean

Oh, alright. Well any Ubuntu VPS should work (or really any type of VPS)

I’ve tried to use DigitalOcean because I got a 100 dollar credit, but I could not use my debit card

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I believe you can use Paypal which supports debit cards.

it is private, for me atleast.