Discord bot is going offline

Hello, I recently got problems with discord bot, i got uptime robot (104 hrs, 41 mins uptime)
Everything was ok untill now, bot is randomly going offline. Is this some new glitch restrictions?
I am pretty sure code is fine. Can i somehow notice errors? I was trying check logs, but nothings there.
Thanks for help.

UptimeRobot is having issues with the pinging service. Use Freshworks or Awake! to get a ping.

Where to get link to Awake! ? Is this simple submit enough? Should I remove uptime robot?

And you clicked it,
the url should look like this:
Example URL and with that url you can paste in the to submit box and then click the submit button.

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Ok i will try this out, well this app looks crazy, 1 submit hehe. Hope it works. Thank you a lot!

@shoooxz Or you can use my version of awake - https://glitch-alive.glitch.me/

Freshworks doesn’t keep bots online for some reason.