Discord Bot offline with Uptime Robot saying it is up

Hello there !

Here’s my problem, hope some of you will be able to help me :slight_smile:

I just begun in Javascript a couple of weeks ago, and I did an humble Discord Role Play Bot project. I need to make it available 24/7, so I tried to use Uptime Robot to keep him alive, thanks to other support topics I’ve founded :smiley:

First, Uptime Robot couldn’t connect to my project, he was always saying “Down”. I fixed this, and now, Uptime Robot is connected to my project (saying “Up” with a big smile ^^)

But here’s my problem : my bot still go offline after sometime, even if everything is allright according to Uptime Robot :frowning:

Anyone knows what I could try ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If you’re using UptimeRobot and it’s working then that should be all you need to do. This suggests there’s something not quite right in your project. Let us know the project name and we’ll take a look. If your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

Well, looks like everything is alright right now : my bot is online, and Uptime Robot is fine …

Let’s hope it’ll stay like this x)