Discord bot stops working even if it has a boost

This has never happened before. Now all my Discord bots are disabled despite the fact that they have a paid boost. I go to sleep and when I return, I find that all my dicord bots are not working. I open the project and it starts. More and more often I start to wonder if I am doing the right thing, that I am paying for it.


I have been having this same issue for the past few weeks. I’m running completely up-to-date, error-free discord.js code. I have three separate discord bots, all on three separate boosted projects, yet they are not staying “always on” and are acting as if they are unboosted projects. The same has been happening for my other boosted apps, which are not discord bots but are simple express servers. When visiting webpages served by those boosted express projects, the “preparing…” message shows as if they are unboosted projects after a few days.

The code itself, as mentioned, is error free. No errors in console, no issues whatsoever. I have years of experience in discord.js bot development. And as mentioned, all of these projects are boosted (and have been boosted for a year now), and this issue was not occurring until about three weeks ago.

The Discord bots and express servers all work perfectly fine, no errors, no issues in how they function. The issue here is that all of my boosted projects themselves are going to sleep as if they are unboosted.

To more specifically list the aspects of this issue:

  • Boosted projects are not staying up nearly 24/7 as they are supposed to.
  • Loading a project when one of these is down immediately starts the node module installation process.
  • This issue is not consistently timed. Some of the projects seem to randomly go down and stay down every 2 or so days.
  • This issue is repetitive, and is not a one-time thing.
  • This issue has been occurring for ALL 5 of my boosted express servers, whether discord bot or not.
  • As mentioned, these are all boosted apps. 3 boosted discord bots, and 2 boosted simple express apps, adding up to the total 5 boosted apps.
  • This issue only started a few weeks ago. I have had no problem with boosted apps for the rest of the past year or so.

What I’ve tried:

  • Unboosting and reboosting each of the projects
  • Remixing one of the projects
  • Creating an entirely new project for one of the projects

All of what I tried failed to remedy the issue.

If I remember correctly, all projects including boosted projects restart regularly (I do not remember the exact timeframe of that). I’m thinking this might be an issue with Glitch attempting a project restart, but some issue causes only the shutting down to occur and the starting back up to fail.


That probably shouldn’t be happening, I would recommend that you contact support@glitch.com about this.

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Hi @Cannicide

Thanks for sharing these details! I am sorry that your Boosted Apps suddenly stopped running!

As part of our routine system maintenance, all apps - including Boosted Apps - are restarted every 12 hours. However, the Boosted Apps should start running again automatically after the restarts.

I see that you sent us a support request about this. I will be following up with you there.

@Serega if you have not done so already, please send us a support request so that I can help you further.