Do I Have Infinite Project Hours?


I just had a hopefully quick question about project hours. There are 774 hours in a 31-day month, but I get 1000 every month, so how am I supposed to run out?

Correction: Apparently I can run out because if I have two projects open for one hour, it counts as two hours. That brings me another question. Can I just have a whole bunch of accounts each with only one project?

Then I have another question. Can you bank or rollover your project hours? I know you get 1000 hours a month, but if I don’t have any Glitch projects running in January, do I get 2000 hours in February?

just confirming that’s my understanding too

it sounds like kind of a hassle, and you’re still bound by this restriction from somewhere in the terms of service

j. Infrastructure Integrity

We reserve the right to delete, suspend, or terminate your access to, or ability to use, any and all Services that we determine to be placing undue strain on our infrastructure.

so don’t overdo it. I think some aspects of glitch like the limit of 5 boosted project per paid account can’t be resolve other than by making more accounts. staff check me on this tho

I’ve never been able to

yep, you’re right on all accounts! and to confirm, project hours do not roll over into the next month.

Hours do not carry over to the next month. Also be aware that hours are taken up when editing a project and when using a project.

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